Cool Pack


  1. Gel makes it to stay cool for longer duration.

  2. Gel is clean, nontoxic, and easily adjustable.

  3. Relieves from inflammation, pain, high fever.

  4. Prevents blood clotting on getting injured.

  5. Helps in Sprains, Strains, muscles aches.

  6. Recommended while doing physiotherapy exercises.

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After freezing gel gives the feeling of ice. But as compared to ice it does not melt soon stays cool for longer duration which makes it suitable for cold therapy and its use in making gel pouches makes the gel pouch very effective as a medical aid. As it does not melt soon, it can be used repeatedly without any discomfort. Due to its compact size you can place it over almost all body parts.

It is capable of giving immediate cooling effect which is required in cold therapy. For children suffering from fever very helpful to reduce the temperature. Players can keep it with them while exercising or playing as it can be used immediately if there is any sprain, strain or muscles aches.

Sometimes on getting injured blood does not come out and starts collecting under the skin/tissue which is very harmful, a cooling gel pouch can help in such conditions by easily preventing blood clotting.

Gel cooling pouch can be used while doing exercises as suggested by physiotherapy under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

The gel used is clean, nontoxic, and non-allergenic. You can keep it with you while travelling as a first-aid. It stops the problem at initial level before they turn into major health issues.

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