Copper Tongue Cleaner


  1. Made of Pure Copper
  2. Non-gagging design
  3. Helps contain bad breath
  4. Great flexibility for tongue protection
  5. Non-Porous. Easily cleaned after use
  6. Optimum Length
  7. Provides Health Benefits of Copper

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A tongue cleaner removes more mucous, bacteria and debris from the tongue than anything else and with terrific ease and efficiency. This has been proved through the experience of oriental civilizations that have used tongue cleaners for centuries to have the lowest incidence of tongue diseases & disorders.

Features of Copper Tongue Cleaner:

  1. Made of unalloyed Copper, tongue cleaner uses the natural anti bacterial and anti plaque properties of pure copper, to keep tongue diseases away.
  2. Its special “Non-Gagging” shape picks debris as it gently glides over your tongue. It has      unique curves that work smoothly and comfortably on tongue contours.
  3. Extremely Flexible and to minimize careless nicks while gliding over the surface.
  4. Has a Non-Porous finish, which prevents organic material from accumulating on the surface.
  5. Has an Optimal Length to reach the difficult regions of the tongue. Helps eliminate bad breath cause.
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