Enema Bag Kit


  1. Bags of Rubber Latex

  2. Available in 2Q capacities

  3. Open top, fountain style for easy cleaning

  4. Thick durable rubber

  5. Full Kits accompanied with complete accessories

Availability: 5000 in stock


Home Enema Bag Kit has easy fittings to make your comfortable to detoxify and heal the Colon at your home. You save your money and time but get equal benefits against go for enema session at professional centers. Blomideal has come with Enema Bag set which is really cost effective and genuine and good quality product. A healthy colon can be real boon for any individuals. A unhealthy colon leads to so many ailment and complications to your body. Common illnesses to digestive systems include constipation, colon ulcers, indigestion,foul gas etc. It’s better we take care of our colon. In the lighter note i can say, to eat good and to our choice, we have no choice than maintaining our Colon healthy.

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