Rubber Sutra Neti Catheter


  1. Rubber Sutra Neti Catheter relieves muscular tension of the face and nervous tics, and helps maintain facial youth and freshness.
  2. It releases emotional tension and is beneficial in anxiety, depression, epilepsy and hysteria; it promotes a balance between the left and right nostrils, and consequently the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
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In Rubber Sutra Neti, string is inserted into the nose and then pulled out from the mouth. Then both ends are held with the hands and nasal cleaning is done by to and fro motion of the strings

How to practice of Rubber Sutra Neti ?

Sutra Neti should be learned from a qualified yoga instructor as it needs guidance in the beginning. This practice is ideally done in the early morning after brushing your teeth, though it can be practiced at any time of the day.

  1. Take the rubber catheter in your hand and very gently insert the tube inside your left nostril. Take care not to rush it; do it very slowly as it can irritate the sensitive membrane inside the nostril. Many people have mild nasal septal deviations, which is more or less harmless. If the deviation is acute then one may feel a block while inserting the rubber tube. Seek expert guidance in such cases.
  2. Push the tube into your nostril upwards, till it hits the back of the throat. At this point the tube will bend and go down the throat. Continue inserting the catheter slowly.
  3. Open your mouth and use your middle and index fingers to grab the tube from inside your throat. This takes a little practice. Once you get the knack of it, you can do it with ease.
  4. Pull the tube out so that part of it is just outside the mouth. Never leave the other end of the tube, which you are holding with your other hand.
  5. Now using both hands move the tube in a massaging motion to clean the nostrils and throat.
  6. Repeat the procedure with the right nostril.
  7. After the practice is over, remove the catheter and clean it. Store the catheter in a clean place for another day’s next practice.

Caution :

  1. Under no circumstances should you experience pain in the practice.
  2. If you feel any pain, it either means you are inserting the catheter too fast, or that it entered the wrong way and is stalled against the nasal wall, unless there is otherwise some other genetic obstruction.
  3. In which case, stop immediately, withdraw and reinsert the catheter carefully in another direction until you find a clear unimpeded passage.
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