Rosewood Mala Beads


  1. Made in India; approx. Length 42cms; Beads 108+1; size 7-8mm

  2. Deep ruddy brown wood beads, lovingly knotted together with a tassel

  3. Improves circulation; Strengthens Spiritual Aura & repels negativity; also worn as a style statement

  4. Always store your beads in the accompanying velvet bag to preserve Aura and energy

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Origin and Originality:-

  1. Rosewood mala is a very special and rare type of wood which is also considered holy in India.
  2. Color of East Indian Redwood can be a golden brown to a deep reddish brown, with darker brown stripes.
  3. This wood darkens with its age, usually it becomes a deep brown in color.
  4. The rare scent of rose out of this wood makes people to call its name Rosewood.
  5. The rosewood is broadly available since 1960 to make musical instruments like guitar.
  6. It can be found in east India and Brazil.

Why You Should Have One?

  1. This Rosewood mala is a kind of protective wood and believed to shield an individual from negative energy.
  2. It is also known for its healing property it heals and brings positivity in nature of the individual.
  3. It aids in manifesting what you desire and help individuals to put efforts towards their goals.
  4. Rosewood is especially effective in spiritual healing.
  5. Rosewood is directly connected with the heart chakra.

What Does Medical Science and Researches Suggest?

  1. It is good for the problems like jet lag and skin infections.
  2. It also has the ability to relax and calm a person.
  3. It stops the feeling of drowsy of the individuals due to any reason.
  4. It also improves the immune system.
  5. It is also helpful to fight viruses and the process of regenerating cells.
  6. The problem of Frigidity is also found to be cured in the individuals.
  7. People with the problem of regular headaches can also find this mala bead very helpful.
  8. The scent of rosewood has a effect of reducing nervous tension.
  9. People also have noticed improvement in their asthma problem.
  10. It calms peoples and make them feel less stressed.
  11. It also improves blood circulation.
  12. It gives the strength of minds.
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