Sandalwood Beads Mala


  1. Made in India. Mala length 39cms; Bead size 7-8mm approx.; 108+1 beads total

  2. Smooth, naturally fragrant wood beads, lovingly knotted together with a tassel

  3. Promotes tranquility and a wonderful aid to meditation; stimulates a positive state of mind

  4. Worn for mystical, spiritual and astrological significance OR simply as a style statement

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Sandalwood mala is wooden bead of sandal tree.

Origin and Originality:-

Sandalwood is one of the great traditional materials that are used for chanting Beads.
Around the globe INDIA is the most popular place for sandalwood that produce best quality of the sandalwood.

Why You Should Have One?

  1. Sandalwood mala gives a great soothing effect on the wearer.
  2. This is also one of the extreme peaces providing mala among all other meditation beads therefore it is great for meditation and yoga practitioners.
  3. Sandalwood mala brings clear perception and quality of not being bad decision maker.
  4. This bead is among in top ranking in terms of spreading positive vibrations around which gives a calming effect in the surrounding of the wearer.
  5. Sandalwood mala in also very useful for individuals who are prone to the sudden natural environmental changes and easily caught by any disease.

What Does Medical Science and Researches Suggest?

  1. Best quality sandalwood is used in medicine making procedure in “ayurveda”, allopath and even in homeopath.
  2. It can assist the cell healing and remaking process of the living being in the healing.
    Sandalwood mala is too great for the improvement of the immune system and make illness to be cured quickly.
  3. Sandalwood is a great antidepressant material for the wearer.
  4. We can also use sandalwood an antiseptic.
  5. Sandalwood is also very useful for the one who spent sleepless nights for them sandalwood acts as a sedative wood.

Known Gemlores and Folklores:-

  1. Sandalwood bead gives way to performs deep analysis of the soul.
  2. I sandalwood mala wearer never gets caught by environmental diseases.
  3. Sandalwood mala can also enhance spiritual level if worn at the time of meditation.
  4. Sandalwoods all positive effects and properties’ main reason is its scent sometime normal wooden bead soaked into the sandalwood oil can work in the same manner as sandalwood mala do.
  5. Sandalwood prayer beads were the malas that were used by gods and the result was their endless extreme power.
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