Steel Tongue Scraper


  1. Clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue
  2. Helps remove coating on the tongue that leads to bad breath
  3. Helps eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue
  4. Enhances the sense of taste
  5. Promotes overall oral & digestive health
  6. Gently stimulates the internal organs
  7. Increases your awareness of your state of health
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Tongue scraping is a fast way to remove extra particles. It including the ones that cause bad breath from the surface of your tongue. It’s done with a small, slightly rounded tool made from plastic or metal which is known as Tongue Cleaner or Tongue Scrapper .

How to use Tongue Scraper?

Tongue scraping is relatively easy to perform and requires minimal equipment. A person can use a specific tongue scraper or a toothbrush. Tongue scrapers are available in metal or plastic. They tend to be either a spoon-like shape or a U-shaped metal device with two handles.

People can use the following steps to scrape the tongue:

  • After brushing and flossing, open the mouth wide and place the tongue scraper on the furthest reachable point on the back of the tongue.
  • Apply gentle pressure and pull the scraper forward toward the tip of the tongue. The scraper should not hurt.
  • Rinse the scraper with warm water after the first pass.
  • Repeat the scraping process as necessary.
  • Swish the mouth with water and then spit it out.
  • Wash the tongue scraper thoroughly with soap and warm water. Store the tongue scraper in a clean, dry place between uses.

A person may wish to repeat this process throughout the day as bacteria and sulfur compounds build up continuously.

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