Yoga Block


  1. Elegant printed design
  2. Material: High quality foam Eva foam
  3. Product dimension: 23.5 cm x 15 cm x 7.5 cm
  4. Light weight brick for firm and stable support in all postures
  5. Material: Foam
  6. In-Box Contents: 1 Yoga Brick

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Foam Yoga Blocks is an ideal soundless tool to achieve the correct alignment and Asana. The light weight brick offers firm and stable. It can be used in numerous standing or seated postures so that you get extra extra grounding and support or lift. The soft foam construction helps you maintain control. It’s also provide stability while ensuring a modified pose to prevent strain and injuries. Buy yoga blocks now

Material: High quality foam EVA FOAM Product

Dimension: 23.5 cm X 15 cm X 7.5 cm

Light weight brick for firm and stable support in all postures. Improves body balance, Flexibility, control and suppleness

It is not use for stretching only. It can also be use for general strength exercises. Putting it in between your legs or holding one in your hands can introduce an additional element of resistance during strength training, by making the exercise more intense and satisfying. As already mentioned, most yoga blocks are made of foam, which is cheaper, cork or wood. When you do strength exercises, the use of a heavier yoga block can prove to be more helpful than using a very light one. More weight, means more work for you.

What is a Yoga Block? 

It is a rectangular shaped block typically made from a dense foam. It is used in yoga asana practice. The purpose of a yoga block is to help stabilize poses and make them more accessible to yogis of different abilities and body types. They are particularly useful for adding stability to balancing asanas such as crescent moon pose, supported back bends such as bridge pose and many more.

How You Can Use Your Yoga Block

You’re having trouble reaching the floor when doing a forward fold or a triangle pose. Using a yoga block will let you rest your hands on a relatively stable surface. Even if you can’t quite reach the floor yet. By slowly changing the position of the rectangular block so that you rest your hands on a side that’s closer to the ground. You can train yourself to eventually be flexible enough to reach the floor without using it. So you basically have three levels of difficulty (4, 6 and 9 inches) depending on how you use the block.

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