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What Is Rope Yoga?

Rope yoga is practicing yoga asanas while suspended from a iyengar rope. Like a puppet. There are list of rope yoga asanas. Each asanas has its own benefits. let check yoga rope online

Did you know that bats and sloths are the only two mammals in the animal kingdom that don’t get arthritis? The one thing they both uniquely have in common is that they spend much of their lives hanging upside down because of this their joints escape the typical wear and tear that other creatures experience, and they suffer from less joint degeneration as a result.

The rope wall is yoga’s answer to achieving some of the same healthful benefits. It was first developed by BKS Iyengar, who used it as a prop to support and intensify his asana practice. He called the rope work “yoga kurunta,” which means “yoga puppetry.”


You  can improve your balance, length and alignment so that you can target muscle groups in a new and effective direction. Having the support rope also promotes a sense of security. This allows you to take your practice further and reap all the health benefits this practice has to offer.

Decrease Tension In The Spine

Many yogis have reported a decreased tension in their spin after making this practice extremely beneficial. Additionally, if you experience back problems regularly then Rope Wall Yoga might be the solution you have been looking for.

Expand Your Movement With An Anchored Pose

Since your body can explore its range of motion to its full potential, you increase your overall mobility and improve your agility with this practice. Being anchored to the wall while performing the various poses also helps to promote focus and concentration as you move through the sequence.

Experience A New Way Of Doing Yoga

Spruce up your yoga routine by trying out a new way of performing asanas and challenge yourself by deepening your postures. Rope Wall Yoga might help you refresh your practice and help you learn new ways of performing backbends and twists that target the muscles you don’t normally engage during your regular flow.

Benefit From Sustained Poses

Since your body is anchored to the wall and you will be able to perform various poses such as Downward Facing Dog for longer periods of time. This can help you focus on your breathing and deepen your practice so that you can perform asana a little longer. As a bonus you can also practice being upside down for longer. This helps to boost circulation in the lower back without putting any stress on the crown of your head.

Types of iyengar ropes wall

There are several different types of iyengar yoga ropes wall set up.

Eye screw set up

The eye screw set up is the cheapest and easiest to make. It uses 2″ eye screws attached to the wall by drilling into wall studs found in wood framed walls. You can fix the screw into the very center of the stud. This can be tricky so it’s advisable to get a professional handy man or general contractor to fit them for you.

Anything smaller than 2″ is too small to use with 5/8″ rope. Anything larger than 2″ is difficult to find and probably too big to use with standard wall studs.

You can also use climbing grade karabina clips. It connect the ropes to the eye screws which makes them easier to attach and detach from the wall. The karabinas will make the ropes longer by the length of the clip so you will need to tailor the rope length to accommodate them.

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