Yoga Strap

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  • Sturdy Non-slip Flexibility Strap Essential Accessory For Any Practice
  • Want To Increase Your Flexibility Alignment And Posture
  • 100% Non-toxic And Safe To Use
  • Improve Balance & Flexibility
  • Works For All Shapes & Sizes

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The Yoga Strap is made from thick and durable cotton. It won’t slip so you can try new yoga poses with confidence. Beginners perform stretching exercise in basic poses with yoga strap belt . Yoga strap also work in Intermediate and Advance yoga. Buy yoga belt online now

You will immediately notice a difference in your performance. Our adjustable yoga exercise straps will help you maintain your balance effortlessly and boost your flexibility. It allow you to perform poses that you couldn’t previously perform.

Benefits of having a yoga strap belt

There are so many benefits of having a best yoga straps in your collection of accessories. Yoga straps are an extremely versatile yoga accessory with many possible uses. The main benefit is stretching so that yogis can increase flexibility and decrease tension.

Increase range of motion:

Yoga strap can be used as an extension of your body. It help with poses. You can hook your best yoga straps behind your feet if grasping your feet is a tad too far.


Another benefit of having a yoga strap is the adaptability of its shape and length thanks to its simple design. Our yoga belts are fitted with a D-ring at one end which is perfectly designed for creating a circular strap. For example, once you have eased into a stretch then you can tie your yoga strap around your body to hold the pose. The tighter you pull the strap through the D-ring, the deeper the stretch!

Improve muscle strength:

You can be used yoga belt to create resistance and improving balance. It is also increasing muscle strength. For example, you can use your yoga strap to strengthen your arm muscles. By increasing your body strength you will be well on your way to achieving those challenging yoga poses you’ve got your eye on!

How to use a Iyengar yoga belt ?

Whilst your yoga strap can be completely tailored to your practice and needs, here are just a few of my favourite ways to use mine…

Opening the Shoulders:

Taking hold of the strap with both hands slightly wider apart than your shoulders and slowly bring your arms straight out in front of you. Continuing this movement until your arms are directly above your head. To open up your muscles, bring your arms further back until they are behind you. This is a powerful stretch for opening up your chest wall and shoulders, but be sure not to push further than is comfortable.

Bound Angle Pose:

Begin by creating a circular shape with your yoga belt using the D-ring at one end. Place the strap behind your sacrum and underneath your feet, laying on your back with the base of your feet touching and your knees apart. As you relax into this pose, slowly tighten the strap, pulling your legs closer to your body and deepening your stretch.

Full Boat Pose:

With your back staying straight, hook your iyengar yoga belt behind your feet, with both hands grasping the ends. Slowly begin to elevate your legs whilst maintaining a straight posture. Pushing through your feet to the strap, keeping your legs extended fully. This beautiful pose is perfect for strengthening your core and increasing flexibility.

YOGA BELTS NOT JUST FOR YOGA!  Buy yoga belt online now

While their main purpose is to help you amplify your yoga experience our tear-proof and adjustable workout straps will help you stretch and increase your flexibility so you can perform like yoga enthusiast.

You can use our iyengar yoga belt for injury recover because it help you in stretching, outdoor workouts, gym exercises or physical therapy and maximize your performance!

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