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Sutra Neti is another that is designed to clear the nasal passage to get rid of mucous, bacteria and to ease allergies and asthmas (by helping desensitize the sensitive inner tissue). Today we look at Sutra Neti – what it is, its benefits and precautions that you must take while performing it.

How to perform Sutra Neti for nasal cleansing

Sutra means thread, and neti or niti refers to a prescribed system or process. This is described as ‘yoga for cleaning your sinuses and is thought to relieve a blocked nose, ease headache, sinusitis and so on. Sutra Neti requires the insertion of a thread or a special type of rubber tube into the nostril in a way that it comes out of the mouth. This thread then dislodges mucous and debris and helps clear the nasal passages. It is also thought that common problems such as nasal polyps could be removed by this method.  It is recommended that the kriya be performed early in the morning about the same time as one brushes their teeth etc.

For Sutra Neti, a length of string or more typically a length of rubber surgical tubing (a thin catheter) is used. This is inserted into the nostril slowly and gently, taking care not to let it irritate or injure the sides of the nasal passage. If there seems to be something blocking the passage of the ‘sutra’ it could be that there is a septal deviation present in which case you should not force it.

Continue to insert the sutra until you feel it at the back of your throat. Then open the mouth and grab hold of the tube at the back of your throat gently and pull it out of the mouth. Your other hand is still holding the other end where it enters your nostril. You now pull the tube/ sutra back and forth gently and slowly so that you feel it massaging the nasal passages. You can now repeat this whole exercise for the other nostril. Afterwards, you can clean the sutra properly and store it in a hygienic manner for use the next time.

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